The idea of “artyfucked” is to document the different artifacts of urban art (sketches, graffiti, stencils, stickers, murals etc.) as well as making this form of art more popular and public opinion more sensitive.

“artyfucked” is the first printed sketch and street art journal. It shows masterpieces of the biggest modern galleries from Casablanca up to Molotow. Maybe you find your artwork here as well.

Our Sketchers

Sketchers are all people who like to express themselves with sketch drawings, cartoons, comics, illustration and/or who do street (graffiti) design.

If you like what you see don’t hesitate contacting me. The purpose is to get and keep in touch; and do good stuff! Good and funny ideas and sketches that fit to the graphical style of artyfucked will have best chances of being published.

City graffiti

The purpose of “city graffity” collections is to show the character of a town by the images in public space. Since I can’t travel everywhere I hope local people help me and send me collected pictures.

You get the idea what “artyfucked” shows by already published material. And: please don’t think we can use low quality mobile phone pictureshit. This is all and only high quality stuff here!